About Us

There are two versions of the 'About Us' one is the short, professional version, the second is the more personal story, both versions are below. 

Professional Story - Rocked-IT is a family business run by father and son team Keith and Nick who, through a shared love of cars and motorsport, came together to create motorsport bags and automotive luggage for the club racer, professional motorsport athlete and automotive enthusiast. Based in the South of England Keith and Nick work tirelessly to make sure their bags are the best on the market. 

Personal Story - Some years ago Keith was a young rally driver making the most of Fords RS range of cars, having the sort of fun you can only have in a rear wheel drive Ford with a Rallye Sport badge. When Nick arrived that passion for cars and motorsport transferred to spectating with his son in Welsh forests and on the banks of Donington and Silverstone. As time passed both men forged successful careers in their respective industries, playing in race and rally cars as time allowed. 

Keith and Nick took their Rally Competition licences at Brands Hatch and on passing entered the BTRDA Gravel Championship in a Rally First 1400cc Polo. Much gravel was thrown by the Polo, many 'dabbs of oppo' and handbrake turns were done, and then Covid hit. Like many Keith and Nick found themselves out of work and the idea to create Rocked-IT was born. From our shared passion for cars, motorsport and trying to create the best in everything we do, Rocked-IT took shape. Starting out with a single helmet bag, this was successful enough to allow us to add the kit bag to the range, then Muc-Off came onboard and then we added Bespoke Luggage, and who knows what next. 

It's been quite a journey so far, we hope we can join you on your journey and have a Rocked-IT bag by your side for whatever the road throws at you.