Driven Ohm Racing - Out to prove they Rocked-!T

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Driven Ohm Racing - Out to prove they Rocked-!T

Gary Franks is the man behind Driven Ohm and he's no stranger to a spot of adrenaline. 

2020 may have been the first season he raced four wheels it certainly wasn't the first time he has hit the track. Many years spent racing motorbikes and instructing high performance driving lead him to form Driven Ohm Racing as an extension of his successful automotive business. The MINI Cooper was the chosen vehicle for the teams debut season and in many ways it was the ideal car, fast, reliable and plenty of cheap parts if they crashed! Thankfully incidents were few and far between and Gary and the team gained important experience to progress on their motorsport journey.   

Which leads to 2021 and the evolution of Driven Ohm Racing. We knew the team was increasingly serious about their racing when they approached us about commissioning custom helmet bags. Knowing that a custom helmet bag would not only keep their kit safe but also help with their trackside branding the team could move on with other parts of their project. Next job was a new, faster car, given the MINI Cooper had served them well in 2020 it was decided that a MINI Cooper S was the right car to bring the team into 2021. 

An extensive testing program was planned with the MINI Cooper S but as with many things plans have had to be altered and now the first test of the car is due mid April. Rocked-!T plans to be on hand to see how the test goes, keep an eye on the social feeds of both Driven Ohm Racing and Rocked-!T. 

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