Misty Racing race across the country!

For most race teams running one car at one venue would be enough work and stress, Misty Racing aren't most race teams. 

Running several cars in several different series is always going to produce the odd calendar clash and this weekend was the first of the season! The EnduroKA series was running at Donington Park in Derbyshire where Misty had two cars running, the Hyundai Coupe Cup was racing at Cadwell Park in Lincolnshire with several Misty cars present. What resulted was the team splitting across the country with team members dashing between the two tracks, was all the effort worth it? 

In short yes, at Donington the team finished 12th and 32nd out of a grid of 52 cars and at Cadwell Park the team had three cars inside the top ten including a P4 and P5 for our own Stuart McLaren. The story is much more complex than that though, one of the EnduroKA cars was on for a top 6 finish before drive through penalties and Stuart McLaren was on for podium finishes were it not for damage sustained. 

Despite this it was a successful weekend for the hardest working team in motorsport who moved onto trackday work at Brands Hatch the very next day!! The team will strip down and rebuild the cars and move onto the next challenge looking for trophies and race wins! 



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