Rocking trackdays with Salone Events

Rocking trackdays with Salone Events

We all love cars, driving and although we probably shouldn't we also like speed. But let's be honest the roads aren't the place to push on, from a safety and practical point of view the public highway is for getting from A to B as painlessly as possible. 

So if you love driving and being spirited behind the wheel what's the options? 

Quite simply a trackday is the only place you are going to be able to push the limits of both your own abilities and that of your car. When I say trackday, what images enter your mind? That of hundreds of Fiestas and Corsas all battling for every scrap of tarmac? Sure some trackdays are like that, and we can't lie there is something thrilling about taking your everyday car and pushing it well beyond what the factory originally intended. But what if you want something rather more elegant and upmarket, perhaps you have a supercar or classic that you want to see just how quick it can go. That's where the team at Salone Events come in. 

We first met Salone at Goodwood in 2022 and were quickly impressed with the way the event was run and the calibre of cars attending. From trackday staples like Caterhams and Radicals to truely special and rare cars like the Maserati MC20 and 911 GT2s, there was a real camaraderie between everyone present that often isn't found at other days. The beautiful Goodwood circuit is the setting for so many of the Salone days and this gives the perfect environment for an enthusiast wanting to experience a legendary circuit. In short if you want a high quality, well run trackday, you want Salone. You can check out their dates below. 

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When it came to finalising our partnerships for 2023 it was clear to us that working with Salone was something we had to do. Alongside our partnership we made a bespoke Salone bag to showcase our bespoke luggage service, if you want your own Rocked-!T Motorsport Luggage you can find it here. 

Motorsport Luggage - Helmet Bag - Motorsport - Motorbike – Rocked-!T (

Thankfully Salone think as highly of us as we think of them, here's what Bernadette had to say about us. 

'We are so delighted to have partnered with Rocked-!T! The quality of their bespoke bags, ideas, customer service, and value for money is incredible. Many of our clients have vehicles which have space utilised due to the shape of bonnet boots as well as the traditional boot. To be able to have luggage and compartments that make the most out of this space is very helpful, and to have this designed to the clients specification makes it even more special! 
On top of that, the helmet and kit bags (which is also very relevant to our client base!) also reflect that same quality and the bespoke aspect makes it unique to each person. It’s important to keep their helmets and kit safe and secure, within good quality bags to protect the items. I’ve used my kit and helmet bag an awful lot, and the quality is still as good as it was when first purchased!'

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